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Foshan City, excellent solid storage equipment, patented engineering plastic strong plastic safety box: the main components according to the requirements of various manufacturers of product technology and quality requirements are different, mainly in the composition of synthetic resin content and filler ratio is different, the quality of the product There is also a big difference.
The so-called contrast between the depth and the depth should refer to the fact that the two colors in the design color appear subtly on one kind of picture at the same time, resulting in a more harmonious viewing angle effect. The skill of the packaging design does not go to the taste of many goods packaging, making consumers feel dissatisfied, even bored, directly affecting the sales of goods. Under the market conditions of brutal competition, it cannot be said that it is a kind of containment for merchants or manufacturers. At present, there are not many enterprises in the domestic plastic box industry that can reach the international level. The series of products for the security equipment of the defenders have undergone rigorous testing and have reached the test standards of the European Union and Western countries. There is not much difference between the quality and the technological level of the same types of imported products. Some are still level and have obtained a number of patents.

From the industry’s progress, the normal color of food is expressed in the main colors of goose yellow and pink, which gives people a sense of warmth and closeness. Of course, there are many kinds of tea, green, drinks, green and blue, wine and cakes with a lot of red, children’s food with a lot of rose, daily use of normal color. The color tone is mostly rosy, pink, light green, light blue, dark brown, to highlight the warm and elegant feelings, clothing, shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, to highlight the weight Elegant beauty.
Box use
1. Packing box: It is suitable for domestic or export packaging of various goods and products, which is economical.
2. Sliding wooden box: suitable for packaging transportation of large machinery, electromechanical products or heavy equipment and production lines.
3. Flower box: It is suitable for domestic transportation packaging of larger plastic parts, cloth or automobile glass.
4. Enclosure box: It is a new type of packaging that can be recycled repeatedly. It is suitable for the packaging of irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls and stamping parts. It is the best choice for product packaging exported to Europe.
5. Plywood box: It is suitable for the packaging and transportation of general common goods. The total quality of single box loading is generally not recommended to exceed 2 tons.

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