The development of storage shelf automation has become mainstream

With the development of China’s manufacturing industry, the logistics and warehousing industry as thethird springof the economy has increasingly shown his superiority, resulting in the pace of construction of automated warehouses will gradually accelerate. At present, the modernization of various industries, such as the home appliance industry, the automobile industry, the food industry, the tobacco industry, and the pharmaceutical industry, are increasingly demanding automated storage shelves, and the efficient logistics has become more and more resistant to the industry. The design requirements of the shelves have been improved, and the shelf industry has obtained a broad platform for benign development. The scientific research capability has continuously promoted the continuous improvement and improvement of the industry, and the development of storage shelf automation has become the mainstream.

First, modern logistics requires automatic three-dimensional shelves
At present, there are many automation equipments in China’s modern logistics industry, such as logistics robot systems, automatic guided vehicle systems, and fully automatic three-dimensional racking systems. These equipments will operate in the economic circulation field for a long time, and it is also an important feature of the future development of the market. The fully automatic three-dimensional racking system places requirements on the shelf equipment.

1.assembled shelves
The assembled racks enable easy installation in the industry, changing the design concept of the integrated rack, improving efficiency and reducing production costs.
2. new storage shelves
The structure and function of many new storage shelves are conducive to the mechanization and automatic management of the warehouse, and the formation of the overall dispatch of the warehouse.
3. information technology unified camera data
Quickly, accurately and timely collect and process large quantities of goods in the shelf, increase information response capability and supply chain control capabilities, and improve logistics service levels. This is a resource allocation based on a highly economic basis and is a reasonable allocation method to meet market requirements.

Second, the domestic storage shelf modernization level
As far as the development of China’s current shelf industry is concerned, in order to cope with the progress of logistics and warehousing and improve the service standards of modern logistics industry, China’s storage shelf industry has also made certain improvements, but the industry has not yet formed a unified standard, and the manufacturing threshold is very Low, market competition is showing a low-end trend, and the model of selling by price still exists.
It has seriously restricted the progress of China’s storage shelf automation, and it is easy for the industry to fall into the current situation of production capacity backlog and technology lag. At present, the international industry trend is driving the improvement of the automation level, but the backwardness of China’s mid-to-high-end supporting capacity will also hinder the good operation of the mainstream trend. Therefore, China’s shelf industry needs to further improve the shelf matching capacity to meet the balanced development of the logistics industry.

Post time: 2019-08-24