What to do if the goods are piled up after resuming work and the pallet is not enough

After resuming work, enterprises faced a surge in orders and exposed many vulnerabilities in warehouse management. The lack of warehouse capacity and the shortage of pallets have caused companies to start thinking about management loopholes. How to improve the delivery accuracy, inventory accuracy, and delivery efficiency is a problem that companies must deal with, and the loopholes in the store layout should be resolved in a timely manner.
The surge in customer orders means that the warehouse receipts will also increase suddenly, which poses a challenge to the storage capacity of the warehouse.

We need to optimize based on the current warehouse inventory.

1. Sort out the goods
Arrange employees to sort the warehouse goods, analyze their storage conditions, optimize the position of the cargo pallets, and adjust them according to the actual storage conditions.
Count the goods stacked on the pallet to make the occupied space empty.

2. Management of sluggish materials
Many products have become sluggish logistics because of market obsolescence and other reasons such as no longer producing.
It may not be put into use for a long time. In the case of insufficient inventory in the warehouse, you can consider temporarily moving out to move out of the goods that now require warehouse turnover.

3. Management of large cargo spaces
The large cargo bay can store several pallets or even a dozen plastic pallets.
Due to the strong storage capacity of large goods, the storage-restricted rules, for example, have the same codes for qualified goods. When the full load rate of the row is low, the goods are transferred, and the remaining goods in the large position are transferred to the positions with less plastic storage
The order quantity needs to be large enough, there is no too strict shelf life limit, and the inventory can be completely discharged after unloading, and after the quality inspection is confirmed, you can directly bring the pallet for rapid delivery without storage.

Post time: 2020-04-30