The function and characteristics of folding metal cage

1. Foldable metal cage, scientific and reasonable design, minimize manpower operation cost and enhance operation safety; foldable structure, low return cost of vacant;

2. The pallet engineering structure design is reasonable, all parts are produced by precision molds, the specifications are unified, and the tolerance of 1mm is maintained; all the parts that are easily damaged and consumable are all detachable or easy to disassemble, which is very easy to maintain and repair, which greatly extends the box body. Service life

3. The tray is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology and professionally manufactured according to European export standards. The inside and outside of the box are treated with environmentally friendly plating, powder spraying, paint spraying and electrophoresis for surface treatment. The anti-rust, anti-collision and anti-corrosion properties are much stronger than similar domestic products, and the welding is firm , High strength, large loading capacity, durable;

4. The functionality, operability, environmental protection and safety of the foldable metal cages have passed strict third-party scientific testing and quality assurance;

5. When fully loaded with goods, it can be stacked up to 6 layers to achieve three-dimensional storage;

6. Tray-type base structure, with forklifts, ground cattle, elevators, cranes, shelves, assembly lines and other equipment for efficient operation;

7. Adopt international standards, can be used in conjunction with shipping containers, effectively improve space utilization.

8. According to the specific needs of customers, structural modifications and accessories can be added, such as plastic partitions (to prevent scratches or exposure of internal items), wheels at the bottom (facilitating manual operation, short-distance circulation), reducing the weight of the box (less purchase cost)

Post time: 2020-06-28