What Kind of Shelves Are Suitable For Fruits And Vegetables?

First of all, you must choose according to the shelf display area. If it is a fresh supermarket shelf placed in the middle area, you can choose a double-sided structure shelf for products such as fruits and vegetables. No matter what angle the customer walks through, he can see the products on the fresh shelves, which can form a greater appeal for customers.

If it is placed in the area next to the wall, the fresh supermarket shelves should choose a single-sided structure. The fresh supermarket shelves with a single-sided structure are easy to place against the wall and will not take up too much area. Exhibition space

Followed by the selection of fresh supermarket shelf materials, fresh supermarket shelves are mainly made of wooden shelves, steel shelves and steel-wood combined shelves. In general, the selection of fresh shelves in fresh supermarkets is more inclined to steel shelves, due to the strong load-bearing capacity of steel shelves. However, the steel shelves are significantly insufficient in aesthetics, so it is not recommended to place all the steel shelves.

In order to keep the fresh supermarket shelves with good image and quality, you can display different products and choose suitable fresh shelves. For example, you can choose wooden shelves for fruits and vegetables, steel shelves for meat, and steel for other canned products. Wood combined with shelves, this is more conducive to creating a beautiful store image.

Post time: 2020-01-21