What Is a Trolley And What Does It Do?

The handcart is a carrying vehicle that is pushed and pulled by manpower. It is the ancestor of all vehicles. Despite the continuous development of material handling technology for trolleys, trolleys are still in use today as an indispensable handling tool.

le trolley is widely used in production and life because it has low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation, light weight, can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use, and is very convenient for moving lighter items in short distances.

Trolleys for different uses have different body structures. Most universal four-wheeled trolleys have a cargo platform.

Dedicated trolleys have a variety of structures, some of which are box-shaped and suitable for handling light-weight and easy-to-load items; some of the car bodies extend out of the bracket to facilitate the placement of parts such as rods, shafts and pipes; some of the car bodies are completely shaped It fits the cargo, such as a gas cylinder truck; some are very compact and can be folded for easy carrying; some are for the convenience of loading and unloading barreled liquids, paper rolls and other cylindrical goods. Conducive to rolling up and down, such as a cylindrical cargo handling truck.

Modern trolleys are equipped with rolling bearings, and the wheels use solid tires or pneumatic tires.

taimi Post: 2020-01-30