Koľko typov skladovacích regáloch sú tu?

Three-dimensional shelf
The storage method of the warehouse has become the main body of the three-dimensional warehouse since the development of the flat storage to the high-level storage. A wide variety of automated and mechanized warehouses consisting of various forms of shelves that meet different functional requirements have become an important part of the warehousing system and the entire logistics system or production process.

tray rack.
The pallet racks store unitized pallet cargo, and are equipped with roadway stackers and other storage and transportation machinery. High-rise shelves use a monolithic structure, which is usually welded by steel profiles (with pallets), connected by horizontal and vertical tie rods and beams. The side gap 6 considers the parking precision of the cargo at the original position, the parking accuracy of the stacker, the mounting accuracy of the stacker and the shelf, and the width of the cargo support. It must be larger than the side clearance to prevent the cargo side from being unsupported.

Gravity shelf
Each bin of gravity-type shelves is an inventory chute with agraded slope. The cargo unit loaded into the chute by the derrick crane can automatically move from the warehousing end to the warehousing end under the action of its own weight until the exit end of the chute or the existing cargo unit is stopped. After the first cargo unit at the exit end of the slide is taken out by the delivery crane, each cargo unit behind it moves to a position on the delivery end in turn under the action of gravity. To reduce the friction between the container and the shelf, rollers or rollers are placed on the stock slide.

Through shelf
The through-shelf is almost twice as large as the normal pallet rack in the same space, because the lanes between the rows of shelves are eliminated, and the shelves are merged to make the same layer and the same column of goods interpenetrate.

Loft-style shelf
This is a simple shelf that makes full use of space. Construction of an intermediate loft on an existing shelf or work site to increase storage area. On the attic flooryou can put light foam and small or medium-sized goods or goods with long shelf life. You can lift the cargo with a forklift, conveyor belt, hoist, electric hoist or lifting platform. In the attic, light trolleys or pallet tractors are generally used.

Screen hanging shelf
The screen-mounted shelf consists of a hundred-page hanging screen and a hanging box. It is suitable for the storage of various small parts of various varieties or specifications. It can also be set on the trolley or tray. It can be temporarily stored in the process, or used for assembly line feeding. .

Mobile shelf
Mobile shelves are easy to control, safe and reliable. Each row of shelves has a motor drive that is moved by a roller mounted under the shelf along a track laid on the ground. The outstanding advantage is that the space utilization rate is improved. – One shelf is required for the shelf, and one channel of the fixed pallet shelf serves only two rows of shelves on both sides of the channel. So in the same space, mobile shelves
The storage capacity is much higher than the average fixed shelf.

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