trole da mesa industrial

The flatbed trolley is a flat transport device; it is convenient and practical to work in a small area. The design of the trolley series is light and easy to carry. Due to its ease of use, it is widely used in short-distance handling in warehouses, manufacturing plants, department stores, logistics centers, freight terminals or distribution.
The trolley has a single wheel, two wheels, three wheels and four wheels. The unicycle can be driven on narrow springboards, bridges and winding roads. It can be turned in place and dumping goods is very convenient. Commonly used two-wheeled vehicles include a hand-carrying van (also called a mountain-jun car) that transports articles, a stroller, and a dump truck that carries bulk materials. One of the three-wheeled carts has two reversing casters that can be reversed around the vertical axis. This reverse caster can actively adjust to the deviation of the running resistance with the change of the vehicle’s movement bias during operation.

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