Cov kev pab cuam uas siv warehouse rhawv piv rau stacking no zoo li cas?

In the era of the Internet, the pace of the Internet has continued to move forward. The development of e-commerce online shopping has launched a lot of enterprises and the development of the logistics and warehousing industry. All localities have revealed the current situation that most warehouses cannot be used. How does the warehouse warehouse complete the agreement between the goods and the warehouse?

The traditional method is to pile up the goods together, but this method has many inconveniences. Not only does the damage of the goods matter, but the consumption of time and the wrong goods will occur. The use of warehouse shelves will make a clear contrast compared to the traditional product stacking mode.

1. The warehouse shelves can make the storage of the warehouse three-dimensional, which is more than five times the storage capacity of the warehouses.

2. The use of warehouse shelves can make the turnover time of shipments increase greatly, and it is more and more a three-dimensional warehouse to carry out consistent collection and processing of goods, thus greatly increasing the efficiency of the warehouse.

3. The goods in the warehouse are well-organized, and the processing work is well known. The useful treatment of the warehouse is reflected in whether the space of the warehouse is utilized as much as possible, and whether the efficiency of the warehouse is increased. At these two points, the precise use of the warehouse shelves can achieve the desired effect in the warehouse processing.

4. In the industry, everyone knows that goods will always consume a part of the logistics turnover, but the use of warehouse shelves can avoid the mutual squeezing of goods. Reduce the loss of goods in the process of storage and accelerate the turnover of goods.

5. The traditional stacking mode will have a lot of unsatisfactory lacks. The more and more food warehouses that cannot be put on for a long time, the food and drink are all put together in a common way, and the goods are all broken. It is not conducive to the storage of goods in the enterprise, but after using the warehouse shelves, it is possible to use countermeasures such as moisture-proof and dust-proof, and greatly improve the storage quality.

6. Warehouse shelves can be used to plan different load-bearing materials according to the difference of the weight of the goods, which can ensure that the load-bearing strength of the warehouse shelves is not easily deformed, and it does not hinder the cost of the enterprise. All warehouse shelves have stability and diversity, and the surface is uniform. It is treated by pickling, phosphating and electrostatic spraying to prevent corrosion and rust.

Lub sij hawm ncej: 2019-08-29