Turnover xov qho nta

Metal boxes are also called metal turnover boxes and steel turnover boxes. The structure is similar to storage cages and is divided into fixed and folded. Metal box is mainly used for storage and turnover of goods. Its environmental protection, moisture, corrosion resistance, beauty and durability are widely used in hardware machinery, auto parts, light industrial textiles, electronic appliances and other industries.

Turnover xov qho nta:
1. Environmental protection, moisture, corrosion resistance, beautiful and durable
2. Strong load capacity, not easy to deform; can be covered, good dust tightness
3. Acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, metal structure wear resistance, long service life of the turnover box
4. Three-dimensional stacking storage, saving space; with forklifts, cranes, storage management saves time and effort
5. Uniform specifications, easy to manage and inventory inventory. The metal turnover box can be separately stratified and stored in small quantities, and the surface is cumbersome to pick up the goods, which improves the efficiency of storage and retrieval.
Scope of application: metal-sealed box is resistant to acid, alkali and oil, safe and harmless, and has good sealing performance. It is suitable for storage, transportation and circulation of goods in factory production workshops and warehouse storage. It is widely used in hardware machinery. Automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, food processing and other industries.

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