Promote the standardization of pallets and promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry

With the rapid development of China’s e-commerce field and the acceleration of the development of urban logistics industry, improving the service quality of logistics industry and saving logistics costs, and building an intelligent and standardized urban logistics system has become an industry consensus. On the 22nd, the 8th China Urban Logistics Development Conference hosted by the China Warehousing and Distribution Association and the Provincial Department of Commerce set up communication channels for production, circulation and logistics enterprises from the perspective of urban logistics supply chain, and aggregated the national logistics industry to jointly explore urban logistics development.

In the on-site dialogue, Wu Qingyi, Chairman of the Asian Pallet System Alliance, which is known as the leader of China’s logistics industry, elaborated on the “standardization of unitized logistics and trade logistics innovation” and “importance of logistics standardization” for nearly 1,000 domestic logistics industry elites. Wait for the subject matter. Wang Jixiang, vice president of the China Warehousing and Distribution Association, said in an interview, “We have signed a strategic agreement with the European Pallet Association to accept Chinese pallet standards instead of implementing European pallet standards.”
“Logistics standardization, pallet is the key.” Hao Xibin, general manager of Changchun Henghe Logistics Service Co., Ltd. told reporters at the meeting that the standardization of logistics pallets can effectively reduce the handling and packaging costs and packaging costs, help reduce labor costs and speed up products. The speed of circulation, thereby reducing production costs, makes the company’s products more competitive in the market. The innovative approach of Henghe Logistics is to use three-dimensional shelves to store items to improve space utilization. Compared with the previous layout, this method has several times of storage efficiency. At the same time, the inventory operation is easy to use the forklift operation, and the automation and standardization of the inventory operation can be realized.

Post time: 2019-09-07