Utilizzare The Cage magazzino di stoccaggio a padroneggiare le Punti chiave per evitare efficacemente l'abuso

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Le gabbie di stoccaggio in magazzino sono prodotti comunemente utilizzati nel turnover delle unità di assemblaggio logistico. Questo prodotto è relativamente adatto, ed è relativamente popolare tra tutti, ma anche la migliore attrezzatura, se vuoi prolungarne la durata, abbiamo ancora bisogno di padroneggiare Alcuni punti sull'uso delle gabbie di stoccaggio del magazzino, allora quali sono i principali punti di utilizzo delle gabbie di stoccaggio del magazzino? Don’t worry about it, per favore leggilo con amici interessati.
Primo, pay attention to the purchase of storage cages:
1. The material should reach the standard. The welding of the mesh and the storage cage base needs to be welded firmly. The intersection of each wire of the mesh should be welded. There must be no de-soldering or leakage welding. The storage cage base needs to be fully welded. strength.
2.the overall is basically high-line channel steel, the material of the high-line determines the overall use strength of the warehouse storage cage, generally requires manufacturers to provide high-line material reports, the high-speed steel plant high line is generally better than the small steel The material of the plant is good, and a large part of the storage cage is placed on the channel steel. Perciò, the thickness of the channel steel determines whether the storage capacity of the storage cage can reach the standard.
3. The surface of the storage cage is not less than 8um galvanized, the surface is bright, no spots, and there is no scratching on the surface of the storage cage. These are some of the details of the production. The storage cages are exported to Japan, Europe and the United States, and foreigners pay more attention to details.

Second, the storage storage cage use precautions:
1. The machinery that can transport warehouse storage cages include forklifts (including counterweights and reach trucks), hydraulic pallet trucks, storage cage trolleys, and battery tractors. In order to improve the handling efficiency, two warehouse storage cages can be transported together during transportation. However, when handling in this way, attention should be paid to the load-bearing capacity of the handling machinery and the speed at the turn, and three or more warehouse storage cages are stacked. Handling together is absolutely forbidden, and it is too dangerous to do so.
2.the empty warehouse storage cage folding storage when the folding mode is the reverse operation of the expansion mode program, the folded storage cage can be stacked and stored, it should be noted that the folded storage cage stack should be placed in the opposite direction, not 90 ° Cross placement, stacking height not exceeding 1.2M, and packing with iron strapping to increase storage security.
The precautions for the purchase of the storage cage and the precautions for use can only be analyzed here due to the time. I hope this section can help you solve some problems. If you have other questions to understand, then you can contact us online. Customer service, customer service will promptly answer questions for you, look forward to your reading, thank you for your support.

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