How to choose the shelves in the warehouse?

Now more and more companies are using shelves, but many companies don’t know what kind of warehouse shelves are right for them.

Here are some aspects of our selection of shelves:
1. The structure type and operation mode of the warehouse;
2. Determine the size of the warehouse and the overall layout of the warehouse;
3, understand the management of goods, you can use the ABC classification management analysis method;
4. Determine the form size and weight of the cargo unit;
5. Determine the type and parameters of the mechanical handling equipment;
6. When purchasing the shelves, try to put your relevant information in detail, and you can better choose the shelves suitable for the enterprise. The correct shelf planning and design solutions can help us greatly reduce the space cost of the warehouse, save time and improve work efficiency.

Warehouse shelves choose the elements that must be known
1. With the rapid development of the warehousing and logistics industry, the warehousing and shelf factory has developed like a mushroom. But how to choose high-quality and low-cost storage shelves from many manufacturers is something that every savvy friend should consider.
2. With the development of warehouse shelves in the development of logistics, our factory also began to innovate and develop new shelves in the planning of storage shelves, using new standards and material processing to make shelves with larger load capacity.
3. The shelf scale standards that are not planned and designed will also affect the performance of the layer load. The shelf pillars and laminates are the support points for the entire shelf, so the thickness is the critical factor. For large warehouses with high layer loading requirements, the layered safety factor of the storage shelves can be enhanced by increasing the number of beams.

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Post time: 2019-09-20