The characteristics of the cloth shelf

The cloth shelf is usually a manual access method, assembled structure, and the layer spacing is evenly adjustable. Shelves can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf shelves according to the load capacity of each layer. The laminates are mainly divided into steel laminates and wood laminates. A variety of styles bring new storage options to customers. It also facilitates the tally and classification of the warehouse, and the warehouse is uniform.

Cloth shelf features:

1.Assembled structure, adjustable, easy to assemble and disassemble
The cloth shelf is mainly the sub-frame structure. The main frame is mainly composed of the column piece, the beam and the layer plate; the main frame has two column pieces, and the sub-frame has only one column, so the sub-frame must be attached to the main frame; Make numerous connections. The surface of the column is designed with diamond-shaped holes for installation without screws and welding, and the plug-in combination allows the frame structure of the beam to be stuck with the diamond-shaped holes of the column. The height of each layer can be adjusted freely up and down 50MM to meet the storage of different goods and make full use of space.

2. Strong load access mode is simple and practical
Each layer has a load capacity of 500KG, which can be accessed manually, generally below 2.5 meters. If it is supported by a climber, it can be set at about 3 meters. According to the warehouse conditions and the characteristics of the cloth, the multi-layer storage can be classified, the height space of the warehouse can be effectively utilized, the utilization rate of the warehouse can be improved, the goods can be circulated faster, and the work efficiency of the warehouse can be improved.

3. Can be customized according to the size of the warehouse
The specifications are available from stock. At the same time, according to the overall size of the warehouse, the size and color of the shelves can be customized in the above range. It is suitable for various warehouses and can make full use of space. It is the most commonly used shelf in the cloth industry. You can also take the door to measure, out of the plane design and renderings, we can make the corresponding quotation and duration according to the drawings. Make your warehouse bigger and brighter and have more storage.

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Post time: 2019-09-20
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