Classification and introduction of common logistics warehousing containers (一)

1. Mobile shelf (stacking rack)

Mobile shelf (stacking rack) products are divided into two types: fixed and detachable. They have uniform specifications, fixed capacity, do not require shelf equipment, and can stack each other, thereby forming a three-dimensional storage capacity and realizing multiple stacking of goods. Make full use of space, simple structure, good load-carrying performance, convenient use, safe and reliable, can be inserted into each other when not storing items, not occupying space, placed on demand, can be moved at any time, can be used with forklifts, ground cattle and other equipment for transportation, Handling, loading and unloading, storage and storage and other logistics links; various forms, equipped with various accessories, can meet a variety of usage needs, suitable for use in rental warehouses, workshop storage areas, low storage and other areas that are not suitable for investment shelves.
2. Iron tray

Iron pallets, also known as steel pallets and metal pallets, are a kind of container unit tool used for mechanized loading, unloading, handling and storage of goods. The basic structure consists of a single layer of planks with longitudinal beams or pads, legs, etc. The minimum height is based on the principle that the forklift or pallet truck can be used conveniently; the friction coefficient is large when used on the shelf, it is not easy to slide under load, and it is safe and reliable to use. The iron tray has good rigidity, large carrying capacity, durability and long service life.

Post time: 2020-06-22