How to Improve Warehouse Management Efficiency

(1) Optimization of cargo space and improvement of sorting work power
Classify the goods by label, order them in an orderly manner, and replace the title, category and other information of the goods with concise words, symbols or numbers. Scientific coding of goods, which facilitates accurate product coding, enables rapid warehousing and work power. In order to make the warehouse orderly, which is conducive to the working standards of the warehouse, the tally should divide the storage space into several areas according to the storage requirements and characteristics of the goods, form the cargo space, and number, one is to facilitate the difference of the goods, and the second is It provides convenience for sorting work and efficient sorting work.

(2) Counting the multi-level, improving the accuracy and working power of the inventory
Personnel participating in the initial, re-distribution, drawing, and supervision must be trained according to the inventory procedures, so that the inventory personnel must have a good understanding of the entire process of inventory procedures, inventory methods, and forms used for inventory; for the recovery and supervision Personnel conduct product identification training. Because the re-distribution and supervisors are mostly unfamiliar with the goods, the field frequency knowledge training of the re-distribution and the supervisors should be strengthened to enhance the identification of the goods, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the inventory work.

(3) The operation is completed, and the working power of the warehousing is improved.
Ensure that all the work before the goods are put into storage is sufficient, the storage shelf goods storage process standard is valid, the goods acceptance content is comprehensive, the method is appropriate, the documents are filled in the correct standards, the division of labor is clear, the cooperation of each department is good, and the storage acceptance process is in progress. The abnormal problem is handled properly, such as incomplete documents, inconsistent documents, different quality, inconsistent quantity, single goods, and wrong inspection. Therefore, careful organization, reasonable arrangements, as far as possible with reasonable logistics costs to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers in quality, quantity, timely and safe, to ensure efficient, accurate, low-cost, orderly work.

(4) Informatization of warehousing work, improving the working power of warehousing
With the development of enterprises, enterprises need to increase capital in all aspects, especially in warehousing, they need to increase investment in storage places, storage facilities, handling equipment, sorting equipment, and bar code skills. The application of bar code skills can effectively deal with the low power of the enterprise, the difficulty of inventory control, the difficulty of handling the goods, and the ability to cope with the unpredictability of the mall. To complete the informationization of warehousing, it is necessary to establish a unique code for each product of each type, and use a bar code printer to make a bar code label attached to the outer packaging of the clothing or hang on the product tag. This will not be able to find the goods again, miss the timing of the sale.

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